Dell Rapids Drama Department Puts On Big Production

DELL RAPIDS, S.D. – A small town in the Sioux Empire put on a big musical production.

The Dell Rapids High School drama department performed ‘The Lion King,’ and it drew quite a crowd.

In five shows, around 1,500 people have come to watch.

There are 70 students in the play, which is a significant number.

Only 300 students total go to Dell Rapids High.

The performers are wearing 150 handmade costumes throughout the play.

The directors say the community is always supportive of the students, but this time they took that support to the next level.

“It’s not just us and the kids, it’s the family members building sets and making costumes and they’ve been excellent throughout the 2.5 months,” says co-director Robert Michalscheck.

Students had a variety of parts to try out for, like Simba and Nala both as cubs and adults.

But other characters took multiple kids to come to life, like an elephant that is made up of four students.

“A lot of people that I never thought would do drama joined the musical,” says DRHS student Rose Habeger. “It was really cool to see how much talent they’ve been hiding underneath their regular masks.”

“Theater has gone back such a long ways and it just brings people together from different backgrounds and such,” adds student Morgan Memmers. “You just make really good friends through all of it.”

This afternoon’s performance was the students’ final showing of ‘The Lion King’.

The proceeds from ticket sales go right back to the drama department.

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