Sam Follows In Kaleb’s Footsteps For Lincoln

Sam Follows In Kaleb's Footsteps For Lincoln

Lincoln sophomore Sam Dobbs is a #1 singles title away from history.

“One of my biggest goals is to win all six state titles in my career which would be very cool.” Lincoln Sophomore Sam Dobbs says.

It’s not going to happen this year because the top player in the state is his brother, senior Kaleb Dobbs.

“I mean, in tennis he usually beats me but I like to think I’m better than him at most of the other sports.” Sam says about Kaleb.

As you can see they’re pretty competitive.

“We have this driveway net at our house and we play on it and get mad at each other. It’s never friendly!” Lincoln Senior Kaleb Dobbs says.

Which made it a bit unnatural when Sam and Kaleb came together for doubles play.

“The first time we ever played together it was kind of getting mad at each other but now it’s just kind of joking around and having fun but then being focused and winning.” Sam says.

And they’ve been dominant, winning the last two doubles titles.

All told Sam has three doubles championship and two singles championships.

“He has every shot and he can come up with big shots when he needs to.” Kaleb says of Sam.

This weekend Sam takes the court one last time with Kaleb.

“I don’t know how many brothers have played with their brother flight one doubles for three years in a row. So you start to look at that and think this may be the last time that we get to play this level of doubles together. So I think they’re looking forward to doing that.” Lincoln Tennis Head Coach Tom Krueger says.

Before he tries to keep the Dobbs name on top of tennis in South Dakota.

Zach Borg, KDLT Sports.

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