Councilor Rick Kiley Appointed To Council Chair

Sioux Falls City Councilors have chosen a new leader among them, for council chair.

“Councilor Kiley has done a great job in recent months communicating, discussing our concerns with our administration and has been a wonderful liaison,” says councilor Greg Neitzert. “He’s proved that he’s an effective leader so I’m proud to make the nomination.”

The council unanimously approved councilor Rick Kiley for the position.

Kiley says he’s been eyeing the council chair position for years now.

He served as vice-chair for the past year.

Now, Kiley will take on some extra responsibilities being the middle man between council members and city administration.

“I just hope that we can continue with the improved communications and cooperation within the council,” says Kiley. “We have made some pretty good strides over the last few months, and I hope to see that moving forward as well too.”

Rick Kiley replaces councilor Rex Rolfing, who served for the allotted one year term.

Rolfing, along with councilor Michelle Erpenback and Mayor Mike Huether have term limits ending in May 2018.

Tuesday night, the council also appointed councilor Christine Erickson to vice-chair.

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