Badlands Motor Speedway Suspends Races For 2017 Season

BRANDON, S.D. – In a post on their website Bandlands Motor Speedway (BMS) announced that it is suspended its races until the speedway finds new ownership.

The post comes after the speedway discontinued the services provided by the MED Star Dirt Track Rescue Team.The post goes on to say that on Tuesday the speedway let MED Star know that they were discontinuing  their partnership with them and that they had paid them their fees for the entire 2017 season.

The post states that they speedway parted ways with the MED Star team because they believed they weren’t fulfilling their duties. The post cited an incident where the MED Star team allegedly showed up late and that they left before racers and fans safely exited the facility. The speedway states in the post, “we are thankful there were no emergencies during that time, but this was simply unacceptable and unprecedented.”

The speedway went on to say that they won’t have anymore races until it finds new ownership and that they lowered their asking price to $7,500,000. They also state that anyone who purchased a ticket will receive full refunds starting May 22nd.

The speedway had five races left on its abbreviated schedule for 2017.

You can read the full article on their website.




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