Tropical Smoothies With Blaise Keller

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- You know him for his forecasting skills and sassy attitude on KDLT News Today, but Meteorologist Blaise Keller has a secret talent: he makes a killer smoothie. Blaise stepped away from the KDLT Weather Center to show us exactly how he does it.

In true Keller-fashion, Blaise doesn’t use exact measurements and takes a more creative approach when making smoothies.

Starting with ice, Blaise says the more you use, the more “ice-creamy” it will be, so use less ice if you want your smoothie to be “liquidy.” He says there’s no need to add sugar, since the fruit is naturally sweet. However, sometimes he likes to add powdered lemonade mix for more flavor.

When Blaise is feeling extra healthy, he’ll add spinach or kale to his smoothies. He also adds protein powder for a healthy kick to add to his daily workout. Since Blaise starts work at 1 a.m., he says smoothies are a great way to help him wake up. (Although, he admits to sometimes enjoying an occasional Red Bull.)

If he weren’t a meteorologist, Blaise says he would be a blender-tender, making smoothies on a beach somewhere tropical! Since he’s in South Dakota for now, he enjoys whipping up his creations for his friends and family.

Watch the video above to learn more about Blaise and his blender skills!

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