Mayor Huether Announces Fire Chief Choice

Sioux Falls Fire Rescue Division and Interim Chief Brad Goodroad Gets Nomination

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.—After a couple weeks of searching, Fire Rescue finally has a choice to lead the department.

Mayor Mike Huether selected Division Chief Brad Goodroad as his nominee for new fire chief.

Goodroad’s time with Sioux Falls Fire Rescue spans two decades.

Earlier this month, Goodroad became interim fire chief.

“Throughout the department, you have different leadership positions so you have a style that you use and I was just able to continue with that same style, just at a larger level,” said Goodroad.

Mayor Huether said Goodroad was selected out of eight total candidates.

He also said his weeks as interim chief “didn’t hurt” his candidacy.

“He was on stage with the women and men of fire rescue, he was on stage with this over-demanding mayor, he was on stage with a group of citizens that were really trying to figure stuff out,” said Huether.

Goodroad follows former Fire Chief Jim Sideras.

Sideras was removed from his position following a child porn investigation and is currently facing 10 counts of child pornography.

“There were a lot of tough questions asked of all the candidates, all eight. It got really intense in the end and i think the one that stood out for me, personally, is Brad Goodroad,” said Huether.

Goodroad’s appointment awaits a vote of approval by the city council.

He’s already thinking about how to make the department more efficient.

“With our sales tax revenues declining the same time our service demands are increasing, that’s kind of our biggest challenge facing us this next year, for sure,” said Goodroad.

The city council discussion and vote on Goodroad’s appointment is currently set for June 6th.

A City of Sioux Falls spokesperson also says the tentative start date for Goodroad to officially become the new fire chief is June 12th, should he receive the city councils approval.

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