Med-Star Pushes Back Against Claims Made By Badlands Motor Speedway

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.: Following the announcement of a suspended racing season by Badlands Motor Speedway, Med-Star is distancing themselves from accusations made by the speedway’s owners.

In a web post on Thursday, Badlands Motor Speedway stated that the racing season would be suspended until the speedway came under new ownership, and cited issues with the Med-Star Dirt Track Rescue Team’s performance. The post alleges Med-Star arrived late to a scheduled race and that they left the facility before racers and fans had exited. The asking price for the speedway, it says, has also dropped to $7,500,000.

In a statement released Friday, Med-Star owner Jay Masur contradicts those claims, saying crews arrived early to the race cited in the Badlands post and left at an appropriate time.


The full statement reads:


Racing family, we are humbled by your support in this week’s whirlwind of activity and accusations. We’re looking to the future and working at great events across the Midwest and country in the coming weeks and months.  Before we do, I want to clear up a few things. At our most recent event, we arrived as a team 90 minutes before the posted start time, and the entire event was run on time. In fact, our team lined up for the national anthem at about 7:50, or ten minutes ahead of schedule. To say we were late to the event is simply not true. Also, it has been our practice for decades to leave the speedway once the racing is complete. Sometimes, team members will stay back to talk with drivers and crews. As you know, we are all friends. This past weekend was no different. Some team members remained at the track while most of us went to have dinner.  We are heartbroken by the recent news, but remain optimistic about the future of racing in our area. Again, we thank you all for your support. We can’t wait to see you at upcoming races.



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