Driver Frustrated With Latest Badlands Motor Speedway Decision

BRANDON, S.D. – A local hobby stock race car driver is still frustrated with a decision the owner of Badlands Motor Speedway made.

Last week, Chuck Brennan announced he will be discontinuing all services at the track, including five scheduled races.

The race schedule was already significantly shortened when Brennan put the track up for sale last November.

Now drivers are left scrambling to uphold promises they made to their advertisers.

“We’ve already collected money from some of these companies,” says Chad Kuhnert. “My obligation to these companies is that I go out and I race my car.”

With cars full of stickers, drivers like Chad Kuhnert are having to look outside of Brandon to race.

“We will be going to Rock Rapids, Iowa on Friday nights,” he says.

While it’s not too late to switch lanes and head to a different track for the season, Kuhnert says it’s not fair to those who help fund his racing career.

“All these companies are local based through Brandon and on the east side of Sioux Falls for the majority, so they specifically pay me to race at Badlands,” says Kuhnert.

Badlands Motor Speedway held one race this season, the Silver Shootout.

But that will be the track’s final performance under Chuck Brennan’s ‘badlands’ name.

On their website, Badlands Motor Speedway cited the suspension to backlash from cutting ties with the Med Star Dirt Track Rescue Team.

“When you put something like that on social media, you need to expect backlash,” says Kuhnert. “Jay Masur and his crew are the best in the business.”

Badlands posted that Med Star arrived late to the event and left while racers and fans were still present, so for safety reasons, they needed to cut ties.

But with this announcement came threats of boycotts from fans and race teams.

“For that to be the reason for closing the track, that’s just not good enough for us,” says Kuhnert. “It’s just not.”

Kuhnert fears this decision will steer advertisers and sponsors away from local drivers in the future.

“Is that a great way for us to advertise? Probably not they’re thinking, and that’s too bad because it’s a great sport.”

Med Star also released a statement refuting what Badlands Motor Speedway said.

On their Facebook page, Med Star says they arrived 90 minutes before the posted start time.

And some team members remained at the track after the event, while most went to have dinner.

One of the events canceled at Badlands Motor Speedway is the World of Outlaws, which was scheduled for July.

World of Outlaws says they are looking into hosting the event at a different track, instead of canceling all together.

Badlands Motor Speedway says they won’t have anymore races until it finds new ownership and that they lowered their asking price to $7,500,000.

They also state that anyone who purchased a ticket will receive full refunds starting May 22nd.

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