Star Of “Pitch Perfect 3” Anna Camp Talks Less-Is-More Lifestyle

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- After wrapping up “Pitch Perfect 3” actress Anna Camp is partnering with Nestea to promote her less-is-more approach to summer.

Camp joined us from Nestea’s tiny house in New York City’s Herald Square, which she says wouldn’t mind living in for a while!

In collaboration with Nestea, Camp’s less-is-more approach to summer is all about simplicity and finding joy.

“Nestea has relaunched their entire brand with that philosophy. It’s all about less ingredients and no artificial flavors and just getting back to the simple essence of what makes you happy,” says Camp.

As a busy actress living in Los Angeles, Camp says it can be difficult at times to take time for herself, so she tries to find ways to relax.

“I go for hikes with my dog and just being out in the sun. When you go out on top of like, a beautiful mountain it’s peaceful and quiet and you can just feel like yourself,” says Camp.

To keep a healthy diet, Camp says she likes to pack almonds with her. Since she often gets stuck in traffic in Los Angeles, she says she likes to keep them in her glove compartment. Camp says healthy foods keep her energetic.

To add simplicity to her beauty routine, Camp says she tries to not wear much makeup when she goes out and always drinks lots of water. Watch the video above for the one thing she always does before bed!

Anna Camp is known for her roles in the “Pitch Perfect” movies, “True Blood,” “The Help” and the Netflix series, “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.” “Pitch Perfect 3” will be out in theaters on December 22.

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