Crop Work Gets Stuck In The Mud

Rain and Snow Bogs Down Farming Work In May

TABOR, S.D. — The grass is greener around the Sioux Empire thanks to consistent rain throughout May.

However, it’s not doing some farmers any favors.

In the southeast part of South Dakota, farmers like Terry Sestak are facing delays when it comes to planting crops due to muddy conditions.

Sestak said he’s been preparing his equipment to get onto his land but remains stuck in neutral.

Rain and snow in May has been a thorn in Sestak’s corn plans.

“I’m about 160 acres short yet of planting. If it goes, it doesn’t take long,” said Sestak.

While Sestak’s soggy sod is a pain, a dry spell is hitting farmers further north.

“Talking with friends in that direction, they’re in need of rain up there,” Sestak.

Over the years, Sestak’s dealt with both ends of the weather spectrum.

While he said it’s frustrating, it’s part of the job.

“Agricultural supply of it is slow but once it gets going, it’ll be quite busy…repairs and such,” said Sestak.

He said he gets to focus on a silver lining during the delay.

“The way the weather is, it’s given an opportunity to take care of fences, I run cattle, too,” said Sestak.

In the meantime, he’s taking the wait-and-see approach.

He’ll keep eyes on other tasks while also watching the weather.

“I guess we’ll see what Mother Nature gives us and we’ll go from there,” said Sestak.

Terry said he expects farmers will have to look to crop insurance due to delays caused by the weather.

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