This Friday: “Lend An Arm, Save A Life” Blood Drive

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Every year before Memorial Day, KDLT News and Community Blood Bank combine forces for an annual blood drive.

This year’s “Lend an Arm, Save a Life” blood drive will kick off on Friday at 10 a.m. and will run through 3 p.m. The drive will take place at HuHot and Scheels’ parking lots.

The community blood bank supplies over 550 units of blood each week to the Sioux Empire community.

Darryl Nordquist has been donating blood for 25 years and he says he was first inspired by seeing his father give blood and after his a-b positive  blood saved someone’s life in college.

Darryl knew he needed to continue helping others and enjoys doing it saying, “It’s a very good feeling, it really is I probably don’t think about that quite so much. I just say you know what I want to give back. I’m a person who doesn’t mind giving blood some people just don’t like to do it. I truly feel blessed that I can do it.”

The hospital says Darryl has helped save 444 lives and they hope others can consider giving back as well.

“We really need people to come in and make sure that they help that community’s blood supply. Everything that’s donated with community blood bank impacts lives right here in our hospitals in Sioux Falls.” said Ken Versteeg with Community Blood Bank.


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