Stem Cell Research Experts Meet for Cellular Therapies Conference

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Some of the greatest minds in stem cell research came together in Sioux Falls today. One of them is German Doctor Eckhard Alt, for the Cellular Therapies Conference at Sanford Health.

Alt has been working in stem cell research for 15 years focusing on using the healing power of stem cells from the patient’s own body. He says the cells can be used for common ailments like chronic back pain or knee arthritis and because stem cells are produced naturally, they often work better than traditional medicine.

“If you take the early stem cells, which you find in every organ, you don’t need to do artificial modification. You just let nature do what the teaching is and the microenvironment — that means the side where you inject the cells — will tell the new stem cells ‘hey guys, here is heart, here is muscle, here is kidney… And they will do the right job,” said Dr. Eckhard Alt.

Alt is no stranger to Sanford, in 2015, he was named the leader of the Sanford project, which aims to find a cure for type one diabetes.

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