Adventures With Ahtra: Stock Car Racing


JACKSON, MINN- Racing season is here and drivers from around the world are heading to Jackson Motorplex to race their stock cars.

Doug Johnson has been coming to races at Jackson Motorplex since he was little. He grew up 10 miles down the road and has always been a racing fan.

“I just kinda grew up here on Saturday nights and it used to be all my friends from high school, and actually in middle school we’d all come sit together every Saturday night at the races,” says Johnson.

Now he’s the general manager of Jackson Motorplex. This season Johnson will keep a special eye out for his son, Kaleb. He says he actually doesn’t get that nervous watching his son race the half-mile track at over 100 miles per hour.

“I’ll tell ya, I actually feel more comfortable him racin’ than I did when he first started drivin’ in the streets of Sioux Falls,” says Johnson.

Johnson is busy prepping for the next race. He says his biggest concern is that the dirt on the track will be the right consistency for the drivers. Like many things in South Dakota, it all depends on the weather.

“I get nervous on Mondays starting to watch the weather, but I’ve just kinda learned after last year you can’t control that, you just gotta deal with that and go and just be prepared when the weather does break to be ready to race on Friday night,” says Johnson.

When all the prep is done and it’s finally race time, Johnson likes to kick back with a beer in the suites and enjoy the sport he’s loved since he was little.

“My first time I can remember comin’ here, it’s like I was just amazed with the speeds and the cars and you know, after you go a few times too I think that’s what other fans will probably tell you as well,” says Johnson.

As the bleachers fill up with fans, chances are you’ll see a familiar face.

“Part of it too is the racing community, it’s kind of a big family. I mean, you see the same people week in and week out and a lot of the same race fans, I mean a lot of my friends I grew up with the race track 20, 30 years ago and they’re still friends today,” says Johnson.

The Jackson Motorplex has races every Friday night during their season. For more information, click here.

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