Remembering Those Who Have Served

That extra day off does have some meaning behind it

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- For many, Memorial Day means an extra-long weekend usually filled with cookouts and time spent outdoors.

But that extra day off does have some meaning behind it.

Each year on Memorial Day, we remember and honor the men and women, who died in service to protect and serve our country and for some, it’s a day they, remember what their service meant.

“I’d do it again, in a heartbeat; if they take me back, I’d go back right now,” says Navy/National Guard veteran Jim Delvaux.

Taking the oath to serve and protect was an oath that Jim Delvaux never regretted.

For three years he served in the Navy and went on to fight in the Korean War, Vietnam War, and continued his service through the National Guard.

“I do not regret one minute, that I served because it was an honor and a privilege to serve my country,” says Delvaux.

It was the privilege to also see his family members serve, that inspired Jim in the first place to enlist, even when back then, not many appreciated the service.

“Two guys came up and spit on us, so that wasn’t a good time, but we just laughed it off,” says Delvaux.

“You have to honor the people, that go over and fight for your freedom and without that, we don’t have anything,” says Navy veteran Merl Duba.

Like Jim, Duba shares the same experience; he also served in the Navy for four years and went on to fight in the Korean War.

He says the experience he had is something, he will never forget.

“Most people should probably go to a foreign country; for a while and realize there’s a whole lot of difference out there, then what you have here. You don’t really need to complain,” says Duba.

Gail Kristensen, can attest to being in a foreign country, he too for four years served in the Navy and was a part of the nuclear submarine team during the Cold War, but for Gail, Memorial Day is a day he takes to remember his family members that served before him

“They were serving and they served well and I served, but it’s for somebody else to talk about me and what my service meant,” says Navy veteran Kristensen.

Three guys, with three different stories, but all three shared the desire to give back to their country.

The three men did not know each other prior to living at All Saints retirement home.

They have now become friends and share their stories with each other.

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