VA Medical Center Honored Fallen Heroes For Memorial Day

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – This morning people from across the state gathered outside the VA Medical Center in Sioux Falls to honor fallen veterans.

The friends and family of servicemen and women, along with veterans from as far back as WWII were there to listen to patriotic music and hear speakers who served in the military.

One person in the audience was Gene Murphy, a veteran from South Dakota who served in the army for 11 months in Vietnam before he was shot three times and had to return home.

He says he owes his life to his buddy, Lyle who carried him to safety.

On days like today, Gene says it’s hard for him to think about the people he served with that didn’t make it home, “I guess I remember my buddies that I served with and the ones that we lost. And again, what would have they been in their lifetime? They could have been inventors, could have been outstanding doctors, outstanding citizens.”

Gene currently runs the Disabled American Veterans state headquarters in South Dakota and will soon retire after 38 years.

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