Organization Helping Others Through Unique Type Of Giving

$160,000 Raised For Children In Ethiopia By Harvesting Donated Land

A nonprofit organization in Sioux Falls is coming up with unique ways to raise money to help others. Kingdom Capital Fund specializes in growing and multiplying assets for the benefit of ministry work.  Their latest endeavor helped raise $160,000 for children overseas.

“It was a shock. Children were living without proper food, certainly no good water.”

It was ten years ago Mike Adams of Adams Thermal Systems and his wife first traveled to Ethiopia. Soon after, they began supporting schools there, and eventually took them over.

Adams said, “Being involved outside of our business and giving back has opened up a whole another part of our lives as a family.”

But they couldn’t do it alone. The Adams Thermal Foundation recruited help from Kingdom Capital Fund.

Kingdom Capital Fund Executive Director Nik Aamlid, “Our whole heart at Kingdom Capital is to take cash and multiply it through some sort of entrepreneurial project. A lot of those have been real estate development, construction projects.”

This one involved agriculture. They recruited The Huisken Family Charitable Trust to donate the use of nearly 300 acres of land. The family says they bought the land just north of Kenneth, Minn. for the sole purpose of giving back.

Kingdom Capital Board Chairman Kurt Huisken (with The Huisken Family Charitable Trust) said, “Almost instantly we said hey ‘this is, we know Mike is dealing with the poorest of the poor, let’s go see what he’s doing’.”

They donated the 2016 growing season to the cause.  They also received donations for all the inputs and labor needed to raise and market the crops. In October of last year, the harvest brought in the largest yield they’ve ever had.

“When you give a dollar, a dollar changes hands. When you can use a private equity and hard assets, now you see multiplication take place,” Huisken.

Typically they harvest around 170 bushels of corn and 45 bushels of soybeans. They brought in 217 bushels of corn and 67 bushels of soybeans. One hundred percent of the proceeds went to the children.

Huisken said,”I see all these dollars going to help these kids. I guess, for me personally I think, the lord has blessed us all far more than we deserve and just giving a little portion that back is what we’re called to do.”

Adams says the money raised from the harvest will sponsor and help around 500 out of the 1,000 children who attend their schools in Ethiopia for a whole year.

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