Employee Finds Card Skimmer In Sioux Falls Gas Pump

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Sioux Falls Police say an employee at a Sioux Falls gas station found a card skimmer after noticing that the pump was tampered with.

Police say that an employee found the skimmer early Monday morning after noticing that the safety seal on the pump was broken. The employee then removed it and contacted police.

This is only the second report of a card skimmer being found in Sioux Falls. Police say the last one was found in an ATM on the outside of the card reader. Police say it’s harder to notice card skimmers in these instances because it was located on the inside of the gas pump.

Police at this point can’t release the gas stations name because of Marsy’s Law but say that the gas station was on N. Cliff Avenue near E. 63rd and E. 61st Streets.

Police are urging residents to check the safety seal on gas pumps, as well as, checking their bank account activity.


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