FULL STORY: Employee Finds Card Skimmer Inside Pump At Sioux Falls Gas Station

Police are asking people to check their credit card statements for fraudulent charges after a skimmer was found on a Sioux Falls gas pump. A vigilant employee discovered the skimmer at a gas station on the northeast side of the city. But would you as a customer know what to look for? KDLT’s Jill Johnson took us to the streets to find out.

“Do you know what to look for?” I asked. “No,” replied Rebecca Hybertson of Centerville. I asked, “No idea?” She replied, “No.”

Hybertson isn’t alone. She’s just the only one that would admit to us on camera that she had no idea what a skimmer was.

“That makes me nervous,” said Hybertson. “‘Cause I don’t know what that is.”

We asked Cory Wenger on his way back home to Knob Noster, Missouri. He says he’s probably more knowledgeable about credit card skimmers than others because his wife works at a bank.

“Where your card reader is. A lot of times there’s a little device on there and it’ll be a fake device so you always kind of give that a tug and see if it comes off,” said Wenger.

Gary Schelske of Redfield says he always looks at the pump before he slides a card.

Schelske said, “If it looks like something on what I’m going to put the card in, I would be suspicious, but hopefully I’ve never run into one.”

Sioux Falls Police say in the past they’ve seen skimmers attached to the outside of ATM’s. The last two were discovered at two banks in 2015. But the one found by a gas station employee Monday morning was different.

Sioux Falls Police Officer Sam Clemens said, “He was out checking the gas pumps and looking at the security seals and found that there was a seal was broken. He opened it up and found that some extra wires were attached.”

Police say this skimmer was found inside the pump.

Clemens said, “The biggest thing with these internal ones is that security sticker will be broken or will be tampered with so people should just take a look at that just to make sure that it’s okay before they’re swiping their credit card.”

That’s easier said than done as pumps at several of the gas stations we visited didn’t have one.

Wenger said, “There’s got a little state stamp on there, but on this one I don’t see it.”

And some say that’s not enough evidence for them either.

“I’ve seen seal on there before but to me that doesn’t really prove that there’s not a skimmer on there. They can take the seal off and put it right back on as far as I’m concerned,” said Steve Christensen of Hatton, North Dakota.”

Police say if you do find a security seal that is broken, you should report that to an employee who should then report it to them.

The gas station that reported the skimmer was on Cliff Avenue between East 61st and 63rd Street North. Police wouldn’t release the name due to Marsy’s Law. They say they don’t know how long the skimmer had been there.

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