Project NICE/KEEP Removes Record Amount Of Material

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Each year, the City of Sioux Falls selects neighborhoods for focused cleanup and nuisance education and abatement through Project NICE (Neighborhood Improvement/Complaint Easement) and Project KEEP (Keep Environmental Enhancement Permanent).

The purpose of Project NICE is to assist neighborhoods with environmental issues such as rubbish, waste material, dilapidated buildings, and zoning issues. Project KEEP helps maintain previous Project NICE neighborhoods. This year’s efforts took place the week of April 24.

“Well-kept neighborhoods have lower crime rates and assist with the overall good health of a community,” says LuAnn Ford, Public Health Manager and Project NICE/KEEP Administrator.

In 2017, three ground crews removed 765.29 tons of rubble and solid waste, 31.83 tons of tires, 21.53 tons of appliances, 1.69 tons of yard waste, 2.23 tons of scrap metal, and 437.87 tons of wood waste.

In addition, separate clean-up events were provided simultaneously at three mobile home parks in the clean-up areas. More than six tons of waste were removed from these three mobile home parks as part of Project NICE/KEEP.

Combining the work in all neighborhood areas, crews removed more than 1,260 tons of unwanted material during Project NICE/KEEP 2017. In addition, 1,161 mattresses were collected for recycling from the areas. This is the most material that has been removed in the history of the project.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the ongoing success of Projects NICE and KEEP,” says Ford, “and we are grateful for the hard work of our volunteer crews and the neighborhood residents.”

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