With Community’s Help, Business Owner Tracks Down Stolen Bike Suspect

Sioux Falls Police Encourage Residents To Register Their Bikes

Sioux Falls Police receive a lot of stolen bike reports this time of year, but this time it was from a Sioux Falls business. And the owner is not only getting his stolen bike back, but justice after the community helped him track down the suspect.

“I knew when the bike left I was getting it back,” said Two Wheeler Dealer Owner Kamp Kirsch.

It was on Friday that an employee at Two Wheeler Deeler noticed that one of their test bikes outside their front door was missing. Kirsch says his surveillance system caught the suspect on camera.

“He actually walked around the store in front of our cameras for several minutes, and that’s how we were able to get his picture,” said Kirsch. “I mean, we actually have him riding away from the store on the bike.”

Kirsch posted pictures from the video to their Facebook Page on Saturday. That same night, one of their customers saw the man riding the bike downtown near Fawick Park. The customer called Kirsch who then called police. But Kirsch also grabbed a motorized bike from his store, and caught up to the suspect on the bike trail.

“We went on a bike chase for several minutes. He jumped off the bike, ditched it, so I jumped off. I followed him. We were on 6th Street, and there’s a building there, and the owner of the building was able to help me get him down, restrain him and wait for the cops to come,” said Kirsch.

Thirty-eight-year-old Luke Anthony Lloyd was arrested and charged with grand theft and possession of stolen property.
The bike that he’s accused of stealing is worth $2,700. Kirsch says thanks to Facebook and his loyal customers Lloyd is behind bars.

Kirsch said, “We use Facebook all of the time, but we never really get this kind of feedback from it. And it’s great to see that when we’re actually in need of help, it went out there; 120 shares, it reached 250,000 different people so I do want to say thank you to everybody who shared that post because that’s the reason that ultimately we caught the guy.”

Unlike this story, police say many bikes never get returned to their rightful owner. They say registering your bike with the city increases the chances that you’ll get it back if it’s ever lost or stolen.

You can register your bike with the city for free. Fill out a registration form and take it to the Law Enforcement Center downtown where police will give you a sticker to place on your bike.

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