High Temps Heating Up Air Conditioning Business

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Air conditioners are breaking down all over the region, and the companies that fix them are being slammed with calls for help.

One owner says a shortage of service technicians isn’t helping.

“We’re very limited and we can’t be staffed for the peak demands like we’re having,” says owner of Frisbee Kitchen and Bath, Mark Lamb.

When the sky is clear with a bright sun, Lamb says their workload substantially heats up.

“We had over 100 calls [Monday],” he says. “We probably have around 65 to 70 calls that we’ve completed, but we still have more to do yet.”

The company is backed up several days out.

“All of the air conditioners get turned on for the first time, and then we seem to have way more calls and then all of our guys are working hours and hours of overtime,” explains Lamb.

There are ways to avoid making an AC service call.

“Making sure that their filters are replaced frequently, that’s the most important thing that a home-owner can do,” says Lamb. “If the air conditioning doesn’t seem to be cooling fast enough, never turn the thermostat down to let’s say 68, or 66 because it could only cause it to freeze up.”

The biggest thing, Lamb says, is keeping up with the maintenance; and if residents don’t know how to do that, ask a professional.

“We check the motors and make sure they are in good operating order,” says Lamb. “We check the electrical components, we’ll clean the coil.”

If the parts aren’t in good condition, they end up in the company’s shop.

While it is a crazy time of the year, Lamb says it’s rewarding to get the broken parts out of people’s units, and get their air conditioners up and running again.

“It’s our business, we love it,” says Lamb.

Even though this is South Dakota, and the weather likes to fluctuate, Lamb says leaving the air conditioner on and setting it to one temperature is best.

Otherwise, if you wait to turn it on when it’s hot, the unit may not be able to catch up with the heat.

Since Frisbee, and most air conditioning companies also sell heating units, this isn’t the only busy time of the year; November through January also keeps the employees on their feet.

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