FULL STORY: 49th Street Re-Opens Wednesday, Traffic Switches To West Side Of Louise Avenue

The first of three phases in one of the largest construction projects taking place in Sioux Falls is complete. The good news: West 49th Street, just south of Louise Avenue, will soon be open to traffic. The bad news: the businesses on the east side of Louise will see more of an impact.

Before your evening commute, West 49th Street will be open to traffic on Wednesday.

City of Sioux Falls Civil Engineer Dustin Posten said, “They’ll be a lane of traffic in each direction, two way traffic through the intersection. It will be on the north half of the roadway. We’ll still be reconstructing the south half of 49th Street.”

Despite a soggy May, the project is a month ahead of schedule.

D&G Concrete Construction Owner Greg Branaugh said, “We pumped water on Sundays and every time it rained we had people out here trying to get it dried up as fast as we could and it worked.”

D&G Concrete Construction says phase one of the Louise Avenue Construction was the most difficult. Forty-ninth Street closed in April to upgrade the storm drainage system, meaning a lot of private utilities had to be moved.

“We’ve got the intersection of 49th Street; the huge underground part of it was built, the gigantic box underneath the ground. I called it a house when I first saw it and we got that done now,” said Branaugh.

D&G says businesses in the area have been great to work with, especially HyVee. On the west side of Louise with 49th on their south, Branaugh says they’ve probably been impacted the most. Unfortunately, for businesses on the east side, phase two of the project means traffic will now switch on Louise Avenue.

“I’m sure they’re happy to see the first phase over on this sid of the road, and I think on the other side they’re not so happy to see it coming on their side so we’ll see,” laughed Branaugh. “There’s not as many anyway.”

Despite the switch, the city says they’ll try their best to maintain access to businesses.

“As we transition into phase two it will be similar to what we had in phase one, we’ll be working with businesses as we reconstruct driveways. We’ll maintain access throughout and we’ll get people in an out of those businesses,” said Posten.

Forty-seventh Street will now be closed to through traffic to reconstruct the intersection.The city says there will also be two full nighttime closures of Louise Avenue, south of 41st Street to north of 43rd Street. Those will take place next week, Monday and Tuesday evening from 10 p.m. until 6 a.m.

The entire reconstruction of Louise Avenue from 41st to 49th Street is costing $9.4 million dollars. The current five lane street is being widened from five to six lanes. The entire project is expected to be complete by Nov. 11.

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