Financial Adviser Says Wills Secure Family Future

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- Financial adviser and entrepreneur, Aaron Maguire stopped by KDLT News Today to offer some advice on starting a will.

Maguire says since many people don’t like to think about death, they often put off establishing a will, which can have consequences later in life. He says after college is a smart time to create a will. Maguire says once someone gets married and has children, it’s even more important that they have a will.

Maguire says nearly 60 percent of people don’t have a will.

“If you pass away without a will, what ever state you live in… the state statutes, the state laws will decide what happens to all of your stuff, basically,” says Maguire.

Wills don’t just dictate where your assets go when you pass away; they can also control what happens to your children if they are minors.

If you’re unsure about the laws in your state, Maguire suggests consulting with an estate planning attorney.

Maguire says creating a will doesn’t have to be complicated. He says there are even online options to help you get it done.

Watch the video above for more of Aaron Maguire’s financial advice.

Aaron Maguire currently works at Security National Bank in Sioux Falls. He also invented Portion Clips and has been featured on QVC.

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