Healthy Ways To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- June is National Candy Month and the Fit Chic Annie Mello stopped by the KDLT Kitchen to share some healthy options for satisfying your sweet tooth.

Though Mello admits to having sugar cravings (especially gum,) she always sticks to organic candy. One of her favorite summer treats is a strawberry puree popsicle, which are only 90 calories and are gluten-free. She says they can be purchased at any Hy-Vee or local grocer in the organic section.

If you’re unsure if a sweet treat is a healthy option, Mello suggests checking the ingredients. She says the fewer ingredients, the better.

Fruit leathers are a good example of a snack with very few ingredients. Mello says they taste just like fruit roll-ups but without the unhealthy ingredients.

Watch the video above for more of the Fit Chic Annie Mello’s healthy treat ideas. For more on Annie and her recipes and workouts, click here.

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