Extra Hands Help Delmont Recovery

Disaster Relief Volunteer Group Aids Residents In Baseball Field Renovations
DELMONT, S.D. — It’s been more than two years since the Mother’s Day tornado.

The recovery in Delmont continues to move, slowly but surely.

On Saturday, the focus was set on the old baseball field.

“We’re doing basically a demolition…tearing down the structures that are unsafe,” said Delmont Development Corp. President Darren Fechner.

Fechner said the time was right to make a decision on the structure.

“On some of the bleachers of the grandstands…there were some boards that were getting pretty tough. We decided, well, we’ve got a little bit of extra money. We’ll fix it, make it look decent again,” said Fechner.

Residents working on the field were joined Saturday by a group of volunteers.

Team Rubicon is a volunteer disaster relief organization made up of veterans and first responders.

South Dakota State Administrator Korey Schroeder said they were looking for a project to lend their services to.

“Delmont came up and I was like, alright, well, here we go. That kind of got the ball rolling,” said Schroeder.

After getting in touch with Delmont residents, the Region VIII group helped with putting up the chain link fence and aiding with bleacher repairs.

From near and as far as Colorado, Schroeder said they look to get involved on any spare time.

“When we aren’t out responding to disasters, we’re getting involved within the local community and most important, you know, not only are we making this community better, we’re making our state better, too,” said Schroeder.

Region VIII Administrator Jonas Reynolds said their mission is to simply give back.

“It’s all about community and it’s about helping people out on their worst day,” said Reynolds.

Fechner said one of the toughest tasks of the day was to show the volunteers their appreciation.

“You say thank you but it doesn’t cut it. These people are traveling from quite a ways away and me of them were here at 7:30 this morning and what not. Thank you doesn’t say enough. We really appreciate it,” said Fechner.

The goal is to have the baseball field completed before the Fourth of the July, as the town is hoping to use it as a site for fireworks.

For more on Team Rubicon, click here.

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