Medstar Reacts To City Council’s Ambulance Service Discussion

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – After city councilors exchanged heated debate yesterday about a contracted ambulance service in Sioux Falls, an outside service is weighing in today.

Brandon-based Medstar Paramedic Ambulance is fighting back on claims that the Sioux Falls City Health Department made about the service on Tuesday night’s storm.

When councilors asked why Paramedics Plus doesn’t have a mutual aid agreement with Medstar, the city’s public health director said it was because Medstar wanted to get paid extra.

Medstar’s CEO Jay Masur says he has that right to get paid for the work his company does and that when they have responded to Sioux Falls calls in the past, they have felt used.

“One time my driver was in the house and we were turned away because they had a vehicle that was released from the hospital that wasn’t there yet, but yet we didn’t take the call. So what that was doing was using us for a time response, using my resources and charges me because I had to put another ambulance in Brandon to cover that area,” said Masur.

Paramedics Plus is required to have one mutual aid agreement. Right now, they have two, one with Dell Rapids and the other with Humboldt.

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