Storm Photos From June 13th

A low pressure system and a line of severe thunderstorms, as well as tornado warned cells, moved through central and eastern portions of the KDLT forecast area yesterday starting in the mid afternoon. We have received several pictures and put them here. If you have any photos of storms or storm damage, send them our way on our Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as email. Please include a location and approximate time, especially with storm damage, so we can pass on the most information to the correct National Weather Service office. Also, please do not put yourself in harms way to take a photo; while we appreciate the photos, your safety is much more important.


Tree Uprooted in Brentford – Kathleen Ruesink

Tree Uprooted in Brentford – Kathleen Ruesink

Tornado South of Groton, Chad and Michelle Johnson

Tornado near Zell, Derald Gross

Elkton, @Thigsman

Cliff and Rice Avenue, Sioux Falls, Brent McCown

Hail, Sioux Falls, Kelsie Passolt

Baltic, Jenny Hefty

Hail, Jenny Hefty, Baltic

Tripp, Kyle Carter

Sioux Falls, Marcus Amus

Lightning, Sioux Falls, Melynda Tiny Stanley

Mammatus Clouds, Plankinton, Kyle Carter

Shelf cloud, Stickney Looking West, Joe Zweifel

Tree Down, South Oxbow Ave, Sioux Falls

Vermillion, Malachi Petersen

Letcher, Riley Zoss

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