Pawn Shop Tip Was Key To Capture Of Lyle Jeffs

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) – The owner of a small-town South Dakota pawn shop says Lyle Jeffs revealed who he was on Tuesday when he pawned two pairs of Leatherman pliers for $37 and provided identification.

River City Treasures and Pawn owner Kevin Haug says a store employee in the small town of Yankton notified him that Jeffs was wanted by the FBI after Jeffs had left the store.

Haug says Jeffs provided his last name as his first name, going by Jeffs Lyle Steed.

Haug then read about Jeffs on the internet and called Yankton police. He says he provided officers with store video and pawn paperwork.

Haug says Jeffs also visited the store last week and tried to sell a tool but the store did not buy it that time and Jeffs did not identify himself during the earlier visit.

He says Jeffs during his first visit was fidgeting, seemed nervous and “acting like a freak.”

Yankton County Chief Deputy Sheriff Michael Rothschadl says authorities looked for Jeffs in the area because of the tip from the pawn shop

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