Critter Corner: Summer Pet Safety

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- Warm weather brings more opportunities to take your pet outside, but summertime also brings more safety risks for your pet. Justin Shatto from Woofs and Waves in Sioux Falls stopped by KDLT News Today to share ways to keep your furry friend safe.

Shatto says loud fireworks can cause a lot of anxiety for your pet. He’s heard a lot of stories of dogs running through screens and glass doors when they get scared of loud noises. Shatto describes it as their “fight or flight” instinct giving them more strength, which can cause serious damage or even allow them to run away. He says pet shelters get a lot of missing animals during the summer because of this.

The best way to keep your pet safe and under control is to stay home, rather then taking them with you to see fireworks, according to Shatto.

Severe thunderstorms can have a similar effect on pets. Shatto says Woofs and Waves offers “thunder blankets” that are designed to keep dogs calm during loud storms. They provide the dog with a comforting light pressure that still allows them to move freely. Woofs and Waves also offers edible anxiety and stress relief products for cats and dogs that help calm them down without tranquilizing them. For more on these products, click here.

Woofs and Waves is located at 5426 E Arrowhead Parkway in Sioux Falls. For more about Woofs and Waves, click here.

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