South Dakotans, Minnesota Super Bowl Committee Wants You

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – There are 229 days left until Super Bowl 52 and the Minnesota Super Bowl host committee is inviting South Dakotans to come be part of the experience

The committee says although the big day is still far from now, that planning ahead to book hotels and make arrangements for the big day is a good idea.

They are also having a 10 day Super Bowl festival leading up to the big day. The committee says they hope South Dakotans can either come as attendees or help volunteer.

“We are going to have about a million people come over the ten days and we can’t execute a safe and a successful Super Bowl without the help of our volunteers. Who are kind of that first point of contact greeting folks when they arrive from the airport and directing folks around town,” says Michael Howard, “We want folks who are excited about the Super Bowl, excited about football.”

Around 200 South Dakotans have already signed up to volunteer at the event.

The last time Minnesota hosted the Superbowl was 1992

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