“It Completely Shattered My Window:” Sioux Falls Woman Shot At on 57th Street

“I jumped, I thought I had ran something over at first"


SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- A Sioux Falls woman says she was shot at as she drove down 57th Street Tuesday night.

The shots, coming from either a BB gun or a pellet gun, shattered her passenger side window.

“I was you know, jamming out to my music and having fun and then something had hit my passenger car window, and completely shattered my window.”

Keanah Lampkin says she didn’t know what it was that came through the glass.

“I have heard guns, I’ve shot guns so it was like, holy crap did someone just shoot my car?”

It was around 10:30 Tuesday night, she was heading west on 57th Street coming up to the intersection at Sertoma Avenue.

“I jumped, I thought I had ran something over at first before the car window shattered and was like, ‘Oh my goodness what happened?”

Police say it was likely a single shot fired from either a BB gun or a pellet gun.

“We see a few instances where someone is driving and a window is shot, it’s pretty rare,” said Officer Sam Clemens with the Sioux Falls Police Department. “We usually see a handful of those a year. The parked cars are more common.”

Lampkin says she did not see anyone on the street that could have fired a shot, but whoever did must’ve had pretty good aim.

“That was crazy to me, because it’s hard to hit a target at 40 miles an hour.”

She says the impact left her with a big mess.

“My entire front seat is full of glass. There’s glass over the back side of my car, the front seat, the ground of the front seat my side of the car, it’s everywhere. When I drive it flies everywhere, and you can hear it.”

Along with that mess, Lempkin is left with frustration, because police say finding a suspect in this type of vandalism case, is a difficult task.

“There’s not a lot of physical evidence that’s involved with this, so from the investigative standpoint we really kind of rely on tips and if someone see something,” said Clemens.

Sioux Falls Police say another driver also reported something hitting the side of their vehicle near 41st Street and Kuehn Park Drive on Tuesday night around the same time Keanah’s car was shot at, however that driver did not want to make a report.

Another report was made Tuesday night of a home being shot at by a BB or pellet gun; however police cannot confirm if the three instances are related.

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