Michigan Man Arrested On Fraud Charges In Sioux Falls

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Sioux Falls Police arrested a Michigan man after he tried buying cell phone lines at two different stores with fake identification.

Police say around 3 p.m. Wednesday, a man walked into a cell phone business located on 41st in Sioux Falls and attempted to buy three phones with three different lines. Employees of the business thought something was odd with the purchase and realized that he was using another person’s social security number. When they asked the man for another form of identification the man left.

The employees called the other branches warning them of the man and gave them a description. Police say after awhile the man entered another cell phone store located on 41st in Sioux Falls and attempted to do the same thing. Police say this time the man had a different I.D. with a matching credit card. The employees felt like something wasn’t right and called police.

Once police arrived they found that the man’s I.D. was fake and police arrested him.

Patrick Simpson, a 49-year-old from Detroit, MI, was arrested on 2 counts of I.D. theft, possession of a forged instrument with the intent to defraud, possession of a fictisious license, and a false impersonation charge.

Officer Sam Clemens says these types of cases are rare because of the matching credit card and fake I.D., “Pretty unusual, we do see quite a bit of identity theft that comes, a lot of times its paper work or online, where people have the information and they’re filling it out. It’s really unusual for a situation like this, where someone has a fake I.D. and credit card and the names match, I don’t think we have seen that before.”

Police say Simpson hasn’t been in the area for long and believe he was here just for this purpose.



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