Adventures With Ahtra: Canaries Baseball

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- The Canaries expect nothing but the best from their players, so only a select few actually make the team.

“It’s fierce competition out there. It’s a grind. You know, you have to be willing to put in the time, the effort,” says Field Manager Mike Meyers.

Baseball is a mental game, which is why the coach says women make some of the best players.

“They’re just, they’re really, really fierce competitors on the field and they’re grinders and we can learn a lot from that. You know, just mentally tough and battling adversity,” says Meyers.

Meyers calls baseball a “game of failures.” He says some of the best hitters still miss seven out of 10 times.

“If you’re not good with failure, this game will eat you alive,” says Meyers.

Giving it your all and staying competitive is something Meyers says he expects from all of his players.

“It makes you wanna be better and wanna be great and wanna work at it, not just in the baseball environment but overall life. Be better husbands, fathers, sons,” says Meyers.

To see if KDLT’s Ahtra Elnashar made the team, watch the video above.

The Canaries have a home game at the Birdcage on Friday, June 23 against the Salina Stockade. After each Friday home game, the Birdcage puts on a fireworks show. For tickets and the Canaries’ full schedule, click here.

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