Local Teenager Publishes Children’s Book

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- A classroom assignment to create a children’s book for students at Ann Sullivan Elementary School in the spring has helped a local Sioux Falls teen publish his first children’s book.

Eighteen-year-old Mark Ladu is always on his computer writing or sketching. He says it’s how he gets his creative juices flowing.

“I always had a passion for writing; I like writing creatively. Thinking on my own and trying to make funny stories and share stories with others, same with art,” says Author of ‘Go Bananas’ Ladu.

It’s Mark’s passion for art and writing, that helped him publish his very first children’s book this past May. ‘Go Bananas’ was originally a classroom assignment, but after getting feedback on the book from others, he decided to publish it. Mark says he still can’t believe his dream is now a reality.

“Sometimes, I can’t believe that’s my book. I don’t think I’m ever satisfied with any work because I’m always trying to strive more,” says Ladu.

Striving to do more is something Mark is familiar with; he and his family came to the United States in 1999, from Egypt. Mark says his parent’s hard work to give him and his siblings a better life is what keeps him going.

“They set a great role model for me and I try to implicit that in my craft and work. Try to do all I can, to make them proud and others,” says Ladu.

Those around him couldn’t be more proud of his accomplishment.

“Just seeing what he accomplished, first of all, it was a colored pencil kind of copy and then he put it into this published piece.  It was just amazing to watch him go through that,” says Friend of Mark Sandy Berven.

Mark says publishing a children’s book is just the beginning. He plans to continue pursuing his goal of becoming an author.

“Makes my day and makes me smile; it just makes me want to strive more and make greater books in the future,” says Ladu.

‘Go Bananas’ is now available on Amazon.com for $9.

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