Storm’s Rouse A Mighty Mouse In The IFL

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Facing a former team in the playoffs as Robbie Rouse did against Iowa would be motivation enough for anyone else.

Robbie Rouse, Storm RB:”Playing your old team with what’s at stake, definitely have a chip on your shoulder.”

Then again, when you are nicknamed “mouse” it doesn’t take much to get Rouse going.

“It’s followed me since high school. It rhymes with Rouse and I’m a smaller back so Might Mouse Rouse. I’m shorter and some people tried to discourage me from playing the game so I just always wanted to prove them wrong.”  Rouse says.

Despite his 5’6” height, Robbie became Fresno State’s all time leading rusher.  And it didn’t take long for his new Storm teammates to see that his style would fit the indoor game.

“When he shook Tyler Knight I was like, you’re bringing that guy in?  Yes! I don’t care what we were calling him. We were calling him Mighty Mouse or whatever he wanted to be called but Robbie is a game changer. He’s a little muscle head, like he’s just full of muscle.”  Storm WR Mike Tatum says.

This season Rouse is the IFL’s fifth leading rusher with 614 yards, 15 touchdowns…..

“I always take pride in not letting the first man bring you down or one man bring you down. I try to be a tough load.”  Robbie says.

“You know he’s been a workhorse for us. I think Robbie brings a unique package of being so powerful. He’s short, explosive and very strong.”  Storm Head Coach Kurtiss Riggs says.

….and a trail of defenders who found out just how mighty this Mouse is!

“I extremely take pride in it because I think it encourages smaller kids. Some kids that don’t meet the criteria that you would think for football players. If they see a guy like me excelling on a stage like this , they’re like if he can do it, why can’t I?”  Rouse says.

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