8th Grade Girl Uses Her Summer To Help Others

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- For many kids, summer is a time to sleep in and play outside; for 12-year-old Camilla Portz, it’s a time to serve her community.

Portz got the idea for Embe’s Camp ChangeMaker after participating in Embe’s Camp CEO, a four-day camp for girls in sixth to eighth grade to learn about leadership. Portz says volunteering was her favorite part, so she wanted to get more kids involved. She says the community needs help to fight hunger and help people who are homeless.

“Our community needs the help of everyone that they can get and it’s not just adults that can help, it’s everyone of all ages that can help,” says Portz.

Camp ChangeMaker is a three-day program for middle school boys and girls that runs from August 1-3 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Kids will spend three days learning about and serving local non-profits. Campers will also work together to create their own non-profit, which they will present on the last day of the camp. To register, click here.

Stacy Stahl, the director for Embe’s Girls On The Run program, has been working alongside Portz to come up with an itinerary for the camp.

“When you create a camp for middle schoolers, you need to have middle schoolers involved in the planning,” says Stahl.

Embe is a local non-profit with the mission to empower local women and families. To learn more about their programs, click here.

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