FULL STORY: UPS Offers Tuition Assistance to Part-Time Employees

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- If you are a college student or looking to go back to school, UPS can help pay for your education, while you earn a paycheck. 12 of the company’s locations in the state are now offering tuition assistance to part-time employees.

The only ‘job’ that Austin Hamm, had while at South Dakota State University, was being a student-athlete. For 4 years, he ran for the college’s Track and Cross Country team while on a partial scholarship.

However, in his last year, the scholarship came to an end, but Austin still needed to finish his classes in order to graduate. He was looking for part-time work, so he decided to apply at UPS, but what he found out in the interview would change everything.

“It wasn’t do or die, but at the same time it took so much of the stress away, money wise in finishing my degree,” says Hamm.

When UPS hired Austin as an employee, part of his benefits included tuition assistance. The company’s ‘Earn and Learn’ program helps pay around 5 thousand dollars of a part-time employee’s tuition per year. They say they know going to school and working is hard, so they wanted to ease the stress for students who work at UPS.

“We value a college education and I think both those things certainly benefit our people and certainly benefit our company, so we are excited to offer it,” says UPS Human Resources Operations Manager Rommel Carlson.

Austin says getting the assistance from the company; helped him finish his last year in college, something he’s grateful for.

“A lot of places have tuition reimbursement, but being part time and only working 20 hours a week and being immediately eligible for it, is just really awesome. It’s different and it’s a good thing,” says Hamm.

Eligibility in the program begins on the first day of employment. All UPS locations in the state are currently hiring for part-time package handling positions. The company says full- time employees are eligible for a different type of educational assistance.

The program is also expanding in Minnesota, Nebraska, Wisconsin and North Dakota.

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