SD Restaurant Excited For Commercial Shrimp Harbor To Move Into Minn.

Last week, a company announced that they’ll be bringing a commercial shrimp harbor to Minnesota. From one harbor alone, tru Shrimp Systems says they’ll harvest seven million pounds of shrimp each year, but what’s the demand for shrimp locally?

“It’s southern influenced fine dining is what we do,” said Bros Brasserie Americano Owner and Chef Ryan Tracy. “It’s a really casual atmosphere, you know, you can come here in flip flops and shorts or you can come in a suit and tie.”

At Bros Brasserie in downtown Sioux Falls shrimp is a staple on their menu.

“We offer gumbo with or without shrimp. We’ve got shrimp and grits which is one of our more popular item,” said Tracy.

The restaurant goes through around 1,800 pounds of shrimp each year.

Tracy said, “Even people who don’t like fish, or crab, or oysters, or mussels, or anything like that, they like shrimp.”

And Tracy says it’s important to him where it comes from. Tracy says he won’t buy shrimp from Asia because farming regulations are too relaxed. He gets Texas brown from North America; farm raised in pens in the Gulf of Mexico.

“There’s good farms, and there’s bad farms, and it’s up to the consumer to kind of look through that.” Tracy said, “If we want our children to be able to eat wild caught sea food, and our grand-children, and their children, and so on and so forth, we need to take a look at farm-raised sea food.”

Tracy says he isn’t opposed to supporting the local economy. He says if tru Shrimp Systems does bring a harbor to the area,
he would consider switching to the blue shrimp they plan on raising.

“Especially with the location, the proximity to Sioux Falls, it would give me the opportunity to go to their farm, and see exactly how they do it,” said Tracy.

tru Shrimp Systems hopes to break ground on their shrimp harbor in Luverne next year, and harvest their first shrimp in July of 2019.


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