Beloved Flandreau Meat Locker Destroyed In Fire

Officials: Too Early To Determine Cause Of The Fire

FLANDREAU, S.D. — A building that’s been in the community since the late 1930’s is changed forever.

A little before noon Thursday, first responders received a 911 call reporting a fire at the Flandreau Meat Locker.

Moody County Deputy Sheriff Ken Prorock said it’s too early to say what caused the fire.

All of this happening on locker lunch Thursday.

“They had a bunch of tables out, a generator, coke machines, those types of things. At some point during that event, a fire broke out in the back of the building,” said Prorock.

Flandreau resident Joan Severtson said the weekly event in the community had grown to new heights.

There was food made specifically for paying customers starting at 11 a.m. each Thursday.

“I went to pick up lunch to go. I was there shortly before they opened. I was one of the first ones they served and there was a line behind me,” said Severtson.

Residents had nothing but the best to say about the owners, Tyler and Sarah Kills-a-Hundred.

Severtson said watching a growing small business go up in flames devastates the community.

“That was a young couple that had been working so hard. They took over the business from her parents and he was getting so involved in the community. He did the backpack program for the school. A very generous young couple,” said Severtson.

Prorock said losing the meat locker, at least for a while, hurts the entire county.

“Anytime you lose a business, a community member and a partner like that, it’s a hit to the community,” said Prorock.

The town plans to help lift the kills-a-hundred family up after the fire.

“He and his wife have been involved in the community to try to get more things going on here and their generosity. We should be as generous with them,” said Severtson.

Residents also said the Fandreau Meat Locker was preparing for a busy weekend.

They were tabbed to provide the food for a Fourth of July street dance celebration in Flandreau this weekend.

Members of the Flandreau community issued the following statement:

“This is from all of us with the Flandreau Development Corporation, Flandreau Mayor Mark Bonrud, and Tribal Chairman Tony Reider. On behalf of the entire community of Flandreau, the Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe, and the Flandreau Development Corporation, we want to express our most heartfelt condolences to the Tyler and Sarah Kills-a-Hundred family who own and operate the Flandreau Meat Locker. The Kills-a-Hundred’s lost their small but vibrant and successful business this afternoon in a fire. The business has been a part of their family for generations, and that the young couple only took over in recent years, raising it to a whole new level of success. The Flandreau Meat Locker’s custom work made it a downtown destination for locals and regional fans alike. Sarah and Tyler give back to their community whenever they can. We plan, as a community, to do everything possible to help the family and business rebuild.”

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