Zach Zenner Reflects on 2 Years in the NFL

Zach Zenner Reflects on 2 Years in the NFL

Since leaving South Dakota State, Zach Zenner’s more comfortable on a microphone talking about a professional life with the Detroit Lions that still seems a bit surreal.

“Have you seen the movie “Pirates of the Carribean? When the guy gets shot in the chest to test if it’s real and he goes ‘I don’t feel no different!’ That’s what it’s like.” Zach says.

Zenner became the Lions starter late last year, rushing for 388 yards and four touchdowns.

“To start in an NFL Playoff game, some people never make the playoffs, it was a huge opportunity and one I was very excited to have.” Zenner says.

This week’s time at the Riggs Football Academy running back clinic is a brief break for Zach as he trains for his third NFL season in Omaha with fellow pro Danny Woodhead.

“Just working out with a veteran who’s been around for a while, pick up some things from him on how the NFL works, physically preparing ourselves.” Zenner says.

Making Zenner once again putting his career in medicine on hold.

“If there were ever to get to a point where, you know, my hip hurts in the morning or who knows what else, that’s where I think it’d be hard to keep pushing that aside. But right now I feel good and want to keep playing football.” Zach says.

Zach’s path as an undrafted rookie free agent inspired another South Dakota college star, Augustana’s C.J. Ham, who may be on the verge of following the same route to a starting job with the Minnesota Vikings.

“Just with the skill set and everything, I was like well he’s very similar to my size, my speed and everything. And if he made it I think I can get a shot too.” Ham says.

And it’ll likely inspire and drive these kids and many more, just as it continues to push Zach…..

“This is the most comfortable I’ve felt. That being said, it’s not very comfortable! I’m not on, like, the Throne of Swords, a Game of Thrones thing, I’m not on that but I’m not on a Lazy Boy either and I lean more toward the throne of swords side.” Zenner says.

…To keep getting better.

Zach Borg, KDLT Sports.

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