Sioux Falls Bomb Squad: Felony Charges Come With Altering Fireworks

Sioux Falls Police want to remind residents that altering fireworks is illegal.

Police say manufacturers make fireworks in such a way that they’re safe. They’re not meant to be altered in any way. A member of the bomb squad says typically what they see is people bundling them together to make them louder. If police suspect that a firework is dangerous or in a suspicious location, they will usually get the bomb squad involved.

Sioux Falls Police Department Sgt. Robert Forster with the Bomb Squad said, “If you add the wrong thing or if you have any type of a spark, static from your clothing, just depending on what chemical may be in that firework, you could ignite it, and then that would become a very dangerous situation.”

Using fireworks with the intent to injure someone or destroy property can result in felony charges. Anyone who lights off fireworks that make noise or launch within the city can receive a $95 citation.

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