Minnesota Ends Century Old Ban, Starts Selling Liquor On Sundays

Local Businesses Say The First Sunday Of Liquor Sales Was A Success

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Minnesota residents now have the option to buy liquor on Sundays.  Governor Mark Dayton signed a bill in March repealing the century old ban of Sunday sales in the state.  Slayton is one of many cities that has chosen to start selling.  Yesterday, they started opening their doors on Sundays.

Minnesota residents for the first time didn’t have to drive to another state to buy liquor yesterday.  Slayton Liquor Store was one of the many businesses to make history by opening it’s doors on a Sunday.  The question is, how did it go?

“It went very well, but I think it’s because of it was the 4th holiday weekend.  So a lot of people are out camping, boating, having fun, spending time with family so it was busy.  I was very impressed,” said the manager of Slayton Liquor, Jen Krant.

Krant said they were open Sunday to customers from 11am to 5pm.  She said she was on the fence on whether she liked the idea of Sunday liquor sales, but she hopes it stays busy every Sunday so that it’s worth being open.

“I had numerous comments, people just stopped in because we were open on Sunday, because they’re just like oh this is cool, we’ve never been able to do it before,” said Krant.

Jessica Mitchell from Fulda said she wasn’t one of the customers who stopped by Sunday, but she said she likes the idea.  She said Sunday sales make it more convenient to have the option to buy liquor 7 days a week and according to Mitchell, the benefits don’t stop there.

“I think it’s a win for the state, extra opportunity to make some money, you know.  People always have a plan ‘B,’ I think, but it’s just a good option.”

Mitchell said it didn’t come as a surprise that Minnesota decided to finally end the century old ban.

“I think Minnesota’s a very forward state. We kind of tend to stay on the upper end of things and kind of stay ahead of the game so I was not surprised at all.”

Many Minnesota cities have still decided to opt out of selling on Sundays, but some of those cities plan on allowing Sunday liquor sales later this year.

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