Minnesota Liquor Stores Can Now Legally Operate On Sundays

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – Minnesota residents have the option of purchasing alcohol from their local liquor store on a Sunday for the first time in history.

The Star Tribune reports that alcohol retailers are allowed to remain open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sundays now that Minnesota has ended its more than century-old ban on Sunday liquor sales.

In the past, residents who wanted a drink on Sunday had to head to a bar or drive to a liquor store in Wisconsin.

Jennifer Schoenzeit is the owner of Zipps Liquor in Minneapolis. She says sales were brisk during the first day of the new law Sunday.

Liquor vendors in Wisconsin say they didn’t notice a difference in their sales.

Minnesota Municipal Beverage Association Executive Director Paul Kaspszak says he fears ending the ban will lead to further deregulation.

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