Natalie Richardson Makes Noise Lifting & Skating

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D.  —  Natalie Richardson loves to lift.

“For girls it’s a great way to get stronger and you’re not going to look manly or anything!  It helps you in everything emotionally and physically.”  Natalie says.

And with the help of world champion Jonah Leo, the Lincoln graduate has made plenty of noise doing it.

“I won high school nationals and I got outstanding female lifter.”  Richardson says.

Natalie was the top high school power lifter in the country which is quite a loud accomplishment compared to her other sport, figure skating.  And though they seem world’s apart, it was actually skating that led her to lifting.

“Mom had me start with a personal trainer so that I could jump higher in skating.  So I started doing box jumps.  And then they wanted to build my leg strength so I was squatting and I fell in love with it.  I was like ‘this is the best thing!”  Natalie says.

Though they seem to go together about as well as Peanut Butter and Asparagus….

“Skating we’re in tights and dresses and sequins and it’s all about makeup.  And then power lifting it’s just testosterone mostly!  There’s a lot of big sweaty guys.”  Richardson says.

“It’s an odd combination I would say but I think they cater each other very well as in the skating provides more the flexibility for her muscles and everything.”  Figure Skating Coach Tonja Beatch says.

….Richardson thinks she benefited in each sport.

So much so that Natalie will continue lifting in college at South Dakota Mines.

Though it’ll mean the end of her time as a figure skater…

“Skating I might just move to coaching.”  Richardson says.

“She’s got the personality that attracts the younger skaters.  She’s always positive, she’s happy.  That’s pretty much what you need.”  Beatch says.

“Next year I move to the juniors and it’s really competitive.   And I really just want to stick with it.”  Natalie says.

…Richardson’s career as a lifter promises to be anything but silent.

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