Firework Sales Wrap Up As Clean-Up Begins

While Merchants Close Out Sales, One Business Is Already Faced With A Mess

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — The Fourth of July celebration started about day early.

Fireworks could be seen and heard bursting around the Sioux Empire on July 3.

Paula Kontz, manager of Pyro-Holics Fireworks in Tea, calls this year a “good year” for fireworks.

While it may not feel like it, Kontz said the rain that came through the area recently led to more customers.

“The ditches are wet and the grass is not as dry as it’s been in the past and I think people are getting a little bit more free with their fireworks, buying more stuff that’s going to go in the air and not quite as self-conscious about it if it’s going to start a fire,” said Kontz.

While the Sioux Empire is exploding with excitement, Kontz said the conclusion of the holiday work brings a breath of fresh air.

“We’re always a little bit happier on the first day the sales open. We get a little tired toward the end,” said Kontz.

However, before the holiday evening even started, Empire Bowl in Sioux Falls already has work to do.

Daylight Tuesday revealed scattered trash and debris from fireworks the night before.

Owner Dave Flynn said their business didn’t use them so someone or a group of people trespassed on their property to shoot off fireworks without bothering to clean it up.

Flynn said he’s disappointed by the “irresponsible act.”

It is illegal to shoot off fireworks that launch or make noise in Sioux Falls city limits.

Breaking the law can land you with a $95 fine.

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