Sanford’s Profile Perform Products Aim To Manage Weight

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- Eating well and exercising is always a good idea but sometimes you need an extra boost, which is why Profile by Sanford launched their line of Profile Perform products for before and after workouts.

Profile by Sanford is a program that helps clients live a healthy lifestyle with fitness, meal plans and individualized coaching. Alyssa Koens, a dietitian with Sanford Health says that many of their clients use their products to supplement an active lifestyle and achieve personal health goals. Koens says their Perform products have been in the making for years and focus specifically on weight management.

“Every ingredient has been strategically added in to help with performance,” says Koens.

The Profile Perform series includes two post-workout shakes in chocolate and vanilla flavors, as well as two pre-workout shakes in lemon-lime and mixed berry flavors.

The pre-workout products help boost energy with carbohydrates, amino acids, caffeine and electrolytes. according to Koens.

Sanford has three retail locations in Sioux Falls and 30 locations across the country where their products are available for purchase.

For more on Profile Perform and to find where to purchase these products, click here.


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