Clash of Champions in United Bowl Saturday

Clash of Champions in United Bowl Saturday

Celebrations have become so routine that the Sioux Falls Storm have to remind themselves it’s not a given.

“The thing that’s tough is to try to stress to the veterans that this isn’t just like every other one, this one is different, and why is this one special compared to all the other opportunites?” Storm Head Coach Kurtiss Riggs says.

This year it’s the chance for the IFL’s winningest franchise to play the best team from the Arena Football League, the Arizona Rattlers.

“That makes it even better. That makes the stakes even higher being that it’s the Rattlers, they’re coming from the AFL, they’ve been the champions there, we’ve been the champions here. So now it’s a statement to go out and see who is the best.” Storm LB Tyler Knight says.

Arizona won an AFL best five championships and, unlike fellow teams that moved to the IFL, didn’t lose all of their players or coaching staff in the transition.

“Same coach that’s brought them the multiple championships that they’ve had. So he’s going to have them ready.” Storm QB Lorenzo Brown says.

That didn’t stop the Storm from welcoming them to the IFL with a 40-29 win in February’s opener.

Since then the Rattlers have won nine straight games with a bruising rushing attack that averages 115 yards a game, just ahead of Sioux Falls 112 .

“You got to try to make them one dimensional. And then offensively we’re going to have to hit some big plays. They’re going to tempt you to hit those big plays and you’ve got to take advantage when you do.” Riggs says.

“You just got to out-aggressive them. They play a lot of man so we just got to win our one-on-one matchups.” Storm RB Robbie Rouse says.

Making a 7th straight IFL title unique for this Storm team since they’d be doing it against an opponent who is almost their mirror image.

Zach Borg, KDLT Sports.

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