‘Smoother Roads Ahead, Greg Jamison 2018’

Greg Jamison alludes to mayoral run

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Thousands of people lined the streets for the annual Sioux Falls Fourth of July parade Tuesday morning, and one float caught the attention of many.

State representative and former Sioux Falls city councilman Greg Jamison drove a tractor grader down Philips Avenue, with a sign that read ‘smoother roads ahead, Greg Jamison 2018’.

The banner implied Jamison will be running for office again, but didn’t specify which one.

Jamison says that was on purpose, and that he was using the parade to test out his platform.

“I would come up on a crowd and they were all kind of looking, and you could see them reading the banner and then they would give me a thumbs up,” says Jamison. “Or they would just say smoother roads ahead, and they’d go ‘yeah, yeah we want that’ and they’d clap.”

Jamison says the positive feedback is encouraging him to run for mayor in 2018.

He hasn’t made it official yet, but says he will announce his campaign in the next couple of months.

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