Real Estate Agent Saves Rescue Dog, Donating Portion Of Commissions To Humane Society

It’s been nearly two years since a Sioux Falls woman saved a rescue dog. In turn that dog not only captured her heart, but the heart of her other dog. Now she’s hoping her new business venture will help her help other animals.

“She’s the sassy redhead.”

Jessica Clary says her Golden Doodle ‘Willow’ craves attention. That’s why they made a perfect pair when Jessica was an activities director at a local nursing home. The two would work side by side almost everyday until Jessica decided it was time to change her career.

“I noticed she was really struggling. She needed a companion, and that’s when we found ‘Mac’,” said Clary.

Mac, who is a Labradoodle, also struggled adjusting to his new home. He was scared to be inside, going up and down stairs, even through doorways.

Clary said, “When we first got him I think we were either the third or the fourth home that he had gone to, and was brought back, and so we kind of picked him up, and kind of determined that we were gonna make it work no matter what.”

Nearly two years later, Mac knows a few tricks. He likes to lick, and sticks to Willow’s side at all times.

“They have just kind of latched on together and just seeing that transformation has been really the best thing I think about having a rescue is watching them grow,” Clary said.

Just like at her old job, Jessica is incorporating her dogs into her new career. Now as a Real Estate Agent, she’s donating three percent of every commission to the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society.

Clary said, “I really thought hard about what was really important to me and it really came down to just to dogs and ‘Mac’ and rescue dogs like ‘Mac’.”

She hopes that her generosity will inspire others to give dogs like Mac the same happy ending. She says they may just have one too.

“There’s a lot of loving people out there that would be able to provide that,” said Clary.

As Jessica builds her business she hopes to increase the percentage in the next few years. Jessica also just recently started a monthly dog walking club called ‘Tails and Trails’.


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