Bjorkman Enters Race for South Dakota’s Lone U.S. House Seat

Bjorkman revealed he would be running on the Democratic ticket
CANISTOTA, S.D.- Tim Bjorkman says his ten years as a Circuit Court judge prepared him for the responsibility of serving the public. But it was during the decade he served, that he realized he could be doing more.

“So I concluded I had to be a part of solutions outside of the judicial system because I am convinced nothing less than the American Dream is at stake here,” he said.

Bjorkman has officially thrown his hat into the ring to become South Dakota’s next U.S. Representative.

There’s a laundry list of issues he says he’s ready to tackle, including raising the minimum wage and reassessing tax laws that he says benefit the wealthy. But he says one of his main concerns is healthcare.

“Not just for some, but for all Americans. And that is a federal healthcare solution, because our state isn’t going to expand Medicaid anytime soon by all appearances. So the real solution lies in Washington on that issue.”

During his first official campaign speech, Bjorkman revealed he would be running on the Democratic ticket. However, he says the job he’s running for goes far beyond “party politics.”

“I’m not interested in the Democratic solution to a problem or the Republican solution. I’m interested in the best solution. No matter who thinks it up, I want to get to it.”

The Democratic Party of South Dakota released a statement shortly after Bjorkmans announcement, welcoming him to the race.

They say Bjorkman will be a “strong fighter for South Dakota families in Washington.”

Bjorkman joins the race with current Secretary of State Shantel Krebs and former Public Utilities Commissioner Dusty Johnson, who are both competing for the Republican nomination.

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